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THE CAMPI GROUP | 195 S. San Antonio, Los Altos, 94022

Seller Resources

Our Objectives

Maximizing the sale price and terms for your property involves much more than just a "For Sale" sign. Campi Properties was established in 1989 to provide the kind of personalized service and hands-on expertise that every client deserves. We believe that each property and selling strategy is unique and we want to understand your objectives before we introduce ours. However, our primary goals for each transaction remain the same, our focus includes:

  • To sell your home for the highest value possible in the timeframe that meets your needs

  • To attract as many qualified buyers as possible

  • To seamlessly close the sale of your home

  • To communicate regularly with you throughout the entire process so you are always in the know

Our Services

We offer many services to our clients and depending on your property needs we will provide appropriate resources to meet your goals. Working in our local community for nearly 30 years, you can be assured that we only work with the best partners in the community. We’ve had longstanding relationships and take pride in our network of professionals. Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Local Market Expertise
  • Home Preparation Professionals (Interior & Exterior Cleaners, Movers, Storage)
  • Home Repair Professionals (Handymen, Painters, Contractors, Electricians, Landscapers)
  • Financing Network (Lenders, Financiers, Accountants)
  • Consultation Network (Attorneys, Accountants, Notary)
  • Staging & Interior Designers
  • Professional Photography and Virtual Video Tour
  • Extensive Marketing & Advertising (Print & Digital)
  • Disclosures
  • Inspections
  • Escrow
  • School & Community Information
  • Market History & Statistics
  • Negotiation & Closing
  • Tours & Showings

Selling Process

Selling a property can be complex, and ensuring that you receive the best offer and terms within your timeline can be a tall task. We work hard to make sure our clients always understand the potential opportunity and risks associated with selling your property. We won't overpromise or set false expectations, and our commitment is to provide you with honest feedback and keep you up to date on our progress towards your goals. This approach differentiates us in today's market but with 27 years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, we plan to continue to honor our past. To help you best prepare for what to expect, below is a brief overview of the home selling process.

  1. Listing Your Home: The decision to sell your property is an emotional and financial decision, thus making sure you have the right strategy and partner in place to help you achieve your goals is paramount. The process to sell a property can be tedious and knowing what to expect can help ease any anxiety. The Silicon Valley housing market is unpredictable and understanding your expectations and criteria for success upfront will help you hold your agent accountable and committed.

  2. Selecting the Right Agent: As of the most recent count, there are over 410,000 total licensed agents & brokers in California! Selecting the right one could take an eternity, so let’s help you narrow down this list with a few key questions:

    • Location, Location, Location - Real Estate is all about location right? Shouldn’t your agent be as well? It’s important to ensure your agent is an expert on the local neighborhood and town, and all of the great (and not so great) things associated with it. This will especially help during Open Houses and Showings as potential buyers may want to know more about the area.

    • Experience - There is no substitute for experience, and even more important is Local Real Estate Experience. Is your agent familiar with buying and selling local homes, and has he or she sold your price point in the area? Further, what is his or her track record on receiving full price in the neighborhood? Your agent should always have your best interest at heart. Free gimmicks and a low price point tend not to be in the best interest of the seller.

    • Volume - Selling unique luxury homes takes time and energy. How many listings does your agent have right now? Can they invest the appropriate resources to ensure your goals are met?

    • Strategy - Your goals and timing should align with the Marketing & Listing strategy. Are you looking to sell your home as fast as possible at the lowest price, or is maximizing the price per foot most important? Are you comfortable being out of your home, re-painting walls and changing finishes? Or do you want your agent to find qualified buyers who can envision finishes that meet their taste?

  3. Signing the Listing Agreement: Once you’ve selected your agent the next step is to sign a listing agreement with them. Be sure to discuss the time period and your expectations again. Make sure you are aware of the anticipated costs and commission structure for your property.

  4. Disclosures & Inspections: Every property seller in California has disclosure obligations. As a seller you will be responsible for filling out this information as potential buyers will require this information for due diligence on the property. It is also recommended to order inspections now so all potential issues are understood upfront.

  5. Pricing Your Home: Price is what you pay and value is what you get! Many factors drive the pricing of a property, the method most commonly used is a Comparative Market Analysis, where properties sold in your immediate area are evaluated with consideration given to individual amenities and condition. Generally price is driven by your Location, Condition of Your Home, and Market Conditions. Properties often receive the most attention when they first come to market so pricing a home appropriately is important. However, maximizing the price of your home is always a core focus of ours thus finding the right buyers who appreciate your property can take precedence, depending on your circumstances.

  6. Prepare Your Home: Once the price is set now it’s time to prepare your property for the market! As laid out above many services may be necessary to prepare the property for sale. If appropriate, the home may be staged and an interior designer may help set the tone and highlight the appropriate elements of the interior. Equally as important, the curb appeal can be accentuated with tweaks or repairs and changes to the yard and landscaping. This should be an open and honest discussion with your agent. Guaranteeing a property will sell faster or receive more offers because the wall color or certain finishes can set false expectations and lead to a bad experience. This should be something discussed in detail.

  7. Marketing Your Home: Each property is different and focusing on the unique elements and value the home provides is imperative. Your Marketing Strategy should be based on this, as well as your goals. Modern marketing includes multiple channels, globally, and ensuring your agent will continuously invest in the success of your property should not be overlooked. Discuss the specifics of the plan and get questions answered upfront.

  8. Negotiating the Contract: This is where an agent can really earn their mettle. Once a potential buyer has put together an offer it will be reviewed by your agent. Counteroffers are often done based on price, terms/contingencies, or timelines. In the case of multiple offers the top will be presented and reviewed by the selling agent and one or all may be counteroffered. Negotiation can make the difference in the final sale price of your home and understanding your agent's experience and comfort level standing behind his or her list price should be discussed.

  9. Going Through Escrow: Escrow serves as the third party where the funds and documentation is held. The Escrow company ensures no funds or property is exchanged until appropriate.

  10. Closing the Sale: Once your contract is signed and the Escrow company receives all the funds from the buyer and lender, the sale is recorded and ownership is conveyed to the buyer. At this point keys will then be turned over to the buyer for move in.