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Buyer Resources

Our Objectives

Locating & purchasing the perfect property is time-consuming, competitive, and stressful, particularly in Silicon Valley, where demand comes from all over the world. Campi Properties was started over 27 years ago to take a personalized, hands-on approach with all of our clients. When you work with Campi Properties to find a property you work with a trusted advisor who listens to your considerations and requirements, gets to know you and what is most important, and keeps your best interests at heart. This is our top priority and each transaction will always receive the personalized attention it deserves from Campi Properties.

Our Services

When it comes to buying a home we help our clients maximize the value of their offer and find the home of their dreams. Working in our local community for nearly 30 years, we often hear about homes before they've come to market or when someone would consider selling for just the right buyer. Not only do we help clients find the perfect home, we also have longstanding relationships with a network of high-quality professionals to help you move-in or even provide updates down the road. Our services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Local Market Expertise
  • Home Preparation Professionals (Interior & Exterior Cleaners, Movers, Storage)
  • Home Repair Professionals (Handymen, Painters, Contractors, Electricians, Landscapers)
  • Financing Network (Lenders, Financiers, Accountants)
  • Consultation Network (Attorneys, Accountants, Notary)
  • Disclosure Review
  • Inspections Review
  • Escrow
  • School & Community Information
  • Market History & Statistics
  • Negotiation & Closing
  • Tours & Showings

Buying Process

The process to purchase a home can be quite complex and having an experienced agent to guide you on your journey can be priceless, particularly as you consider the unique nature of the homes and housing market in Silicon Valley. Having a partner you can trust and strategize with is always recommended. Below is a brief overview of the process.

  1. Select the Right Agent: As of the most recent count, there are over 410,000 total licensed agents & brokers in California! Selecting the right one could take an eternity, so let’s help you narrow down this list with a few key questions:

    • Local Experience - There is no substitute for experience, and even more important is Local Real Estate experience. Is your agent familiar with buying homes, and how experienced is he or she buying homes at your price point, and in your area? Further, how experienced is he or she at maximizing an offer on a home in the area? How many off-market listings do they know of? What do they know about the schools & neighborhood?

    • Volume - Finding and buying a home in Silicon Valley takes time and energy. How many clients does your agent have right now? Can they invest the appropriate resources to ensure your goals are met?

    • Strategy -  Your goals and timing should align tightly with the home location and buying strategy. Are you looking to buy a home as fast as possible at the lowest price or is finding the perfect neighborhood or even maximizing your offer the most important? Are you comfortable fixing up a home or do you want something completely finished?

  2. Get to Know the Neighborhoods & Market: After you've selected an agent to help in your search, now is a good time to review the specifics goals and requirements for your property search. Make sure that you are informed on the neighborhood, schools, commute and neighbors. We lend our local market expertise to clients through a private consultation along with neighborhood tours and private showings, contact us to learn more.

  3. Get Pre-Approved: With the competitiveness of the Silicon Valley housing market the ability to quickly put an offer together can be the difference in getting your dream property. Keep in mind you may be competing with all cash offers so having your paperwork and pre-approval done ensures the sellers know you are serious in your interest. This will also help guide your initial parameters as you will have a clear understanding of your budget.

  4. Find a home and review disclosures: Once you find a property to your liking now is the time to take a closer look at the property disclosures. These documents will help you understand the history of the home and any potential issues. Having your agent review the disclosures and offer their opinion will help you understand any areas of concern. The most common reports include: the Property Inspection Report provides the inspector's opinion on plumbing, electrical, foundation, roof, and the overall condition of the property. The Pest Inspection Report looks for any damage to wood and water damage. The Seller's Disclosures require the seller to answer questions and disclose all known material issues that may be present. The Title Report ensures the seller can convey clear title without any liens. If you purchase a Condominium or Townhouse, Homeowners Association documents should be included with the disclosures.

  5. Make An Offer: After you have reviewed the disclosures and have a good understanding of the property, now is the time to make an offer. Understanding the history of the listing, the current market conditions, and looking at comparable sales and listings in the area will help you come to terms on your offer. It is also recommended to speak with the Seller's Agent to better understand the seller's motivations and terms. Once you submit an offer it will either be Accepted, Rejected, or Countered. If your offer is accepted you will enter into a binding contract and if a counter is made you will work with your agent to decide on appropriate next steps. Keep in mind that a counteroffer may be made to multiple parties at the same time.

  6. Escrow: Once the agreement is agreed upon the Escrow process begins, and the Escrow Company acts as the neutral third party between buyer and seller. The Escrow Company will hold in trust the buyer's funds in exchange for the seller's property. Escrow periods can range from a few days or weeks to months depending on the circumstances, this timeframe is are agreed upon by both parties. If there are any contingencies in the agreement those will be reviewed at this time. For example, if you have a loan an appraisal will be completed. The sale is not complete yet and if for some reason you decide not to move forward based on your contingencies, your agent will help you to a return of your "good faith deposit".

  7. Closing The Sale: On the day of closing, the Escrow Company transfers funds to the Seller and records the deed in your name with the County. Once you are on record you will receive the keys, and the home is yours!

Additional Buyer Resources